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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Due to the current shit state of myspace we have decided to get rid of it. All news and updates can now be found here. We will soon upload a media player so we music will still be available and we are working on maintaining our page as well.

We will be playing the RITES OF DARKNESS III Festival in Texas this Decemeber alongside MOURNFUL CONGREGATION, EVOKEN, MORTUARY DRAPE,  LOSS, BEHEXEN, DEMIGOD, DIVINE EVE, CIANIDE and tons of others, by far the best festival in the U.S.!!
No other shows scheduled at this time.

In April we will put the finishing touches on the new untitled full length then we will begin mixing.

Layout for the vinyl version of "Buried Beneath Aeons" is almost complete. Should go to press next month.
We are currently working on material for our side of the COFFINS split cd/lp which will happen later in the year with visuals being provided by Dennis Dread.

We will also be part of a 4-way split cassette titled "DOOMED IN BLACK" on Deathsmile. 4 doom bands covering a black metal track of their choice. UNEARTHLY TRANCE, PERSISTENCE IN MOURNING and HORSEBACK will also be on the split.

In releated news PARASITIC RECORDS will be releasing a demo from a pre-ALDEBARAN doom band from 2002. AGHORI "Blackmass of Hate" cs should be available in April. Features members of  FALL OF THE BASTARDS, RITUAL NECROMANCY, WE SHOULD DIE as well. Description from in 2002.
"This live-recorded demo is an oppressive slab of sludgy, misanthropic doom with blackened screams. Imagine a jamming session of the rhythm section of Burning Witch with Landfermann, the ex-vocalist of Bethlehem ('Dictius te necare') screaming in the background and perhaps you’ll get the picture.
The recording quality is far from optimal, but the fact that this demo was recorded live gives it an organic ‘feel’. The heavy, punishing guitar sound is certainly one of the plus points of this release, while the high-pitched screams, which are mixed too much in the background, are the weakest element."